Espresso Library

Single EspressoAED 17.00AED 17.00
Double EspressoAED 19.00AED 19.00
Espresso LongoAED 19.00AED 19.00
AmericanoAED 21.00AED 21.00
MachiatoAED 17.00AED 17.00
Maple AmericanoAED 24.00AED 24.00

Latte Library

Café Latte AED 22.00AED 22.00
Flat WhiteAED 22.00AED 22.00
PiccoloAED 22.00AED 22.00
Spanish LatteAED 26.00AED 26.00
Cinnamon Spiced LatteAED 26.00AED 26.00
Salted Caramel LatteAED 26.00AED 26.00
Vegan LatteAED 25.00AED 25.00


Cappuccino Library

CappuccinoAED 22.00AED 22.00
CortadoAED 22.00AED 22.00
Coconut CappuccinoAED 25.00AED 25.00
Vanilla Bean CappuccinoAED 26.00AED 26.00
Maple CappuccinoAED 26.00AED 26.00
Dulce de LecheAED 26.00AED 26.00

Gourmet Lattes

(* Can Be Made With Caffeine)

Turmeric LatteAED 25.00AED 25.00
Beetroot LatteAED 25.00AED 25.00
Matcha Latte AED 26.00AED 26.00

Iced Coffees

Iced AmericanoAED 22.00AED 22.00
Iced LatteAED 25.00AED 25.00
Iced MochaAED 26.00AED 26.00
Spanish LatteAED 26.00AED 26.00
Iced Coconut Matcha LatteAED 27.00AED 27.00

Mocha Library

Hot MochaAED 25.00AED 25.00
Hot Matcha MochaAED 26.00AED 26.00
Turmeric MochaAED 26.00AED 26.00

Chocolate Library

Pure Cacao (100%) AED 25.00AED 25.00
Hot ChocolateAED 25.00AED 25.00
Matcha & Dark Hot ChocolateAED 27.00AED 27.00


Raw MatchaAED 30.00AED 30.00

Japanese Pure Matcha, Avocado, Soya Milk, Honey

Triple BerryAED 28.00AED 28.00

Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberry, Yoghurt, Honey

Blueberry & BananaAED 28.00 AED 28.00

Blueberries, Banana, Honey, Oats Milk

Frappes & Milk Shakes

Salted Caramel FrappeAED 28.00AED 28.00

Salted Caramel, Espresso, Vanilla Ice-cream, Soya Milk

Matcha FrappeAED 27.00AED 27.00

Matcha, Vanilla Ice Cream, Oats Milk

Milk ShakesAED 22.00 AED 22.00



Rosemary MojitoAED 26.00AED 26.00
Strawberry MojitoAED 26.00AED 26.00
Blueberry MojitoAED 26.00 AED 26.00

Protein Shakes

Cardio And Circuit TrainingAED 28.00AED 28.00

30gm Protein Powder, Avocado, Soya Milk, Peanut Butter, Honey

Weight TrainingAED 27.00AED 27.00

30gm Protein Powder, Full Fat Yoghurt Mix Berries, Soya Milk,
Whole Grain Oats

No Coffee No GymAED 29.00AED 29.00

30gm Protein Powder, Espresso, Banana, Blueberry, Honey, Soya Milk

Plyometric TrainingAED 30.00AED 30.00

30gm Protein Powder, Avocado, Banana, Blueberry, Honey, Almon Milk

Immune Booster

Beetroot & LemonAED 25.00AED 25.00
Ginger & LemonAED 25.00AED 25.00
Orange, Lime, GingerAED 25.00AED 25.00
Cucumber LemonadeAED 25.00AED 25.00

Cold Pressed

Green JuiceAED 30.00AED 30.00

Capsicum, Celery, Cucumber & Orange

EnergizerAED 27.00AED 27.00

Apple, Orange, Carrot & Ginger

Orange JuiceAED 21.00AED 21.00

Tea Library

English BreakfastAED 20.00AED 20.00
Papaya and LemonAED 20.00AED 20.00
Jasmine Green TeaAED 20.00AED 20.00
RoseAED 20.00AED 20.00
Pu-erhAED 20.00AED 20.00

Yunnan Province tea leaves

OolongAED 20.00AED 20.00

Partially fermented tea leaves

Caffeine Free Tea

ChamomileAED 20.00AED 20.00

Caffeine free tea

House TeaAED 20.00AED 20.00

Dehydrated Orange, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lemon, Fresh Mint

House Herb TeaAED 20.00AED 20.00

Rosemary, Basil, Thyme

Iced Tea

Pu-erhAED 25.00AED 25.00
JasmineAED 25.00AED 25.00
Papaya & LemonAED 25.00AED 25.00
RoseAED 25.00AED 25.00
Green Apple & OolongAED 25.00AED 25.00
Fresh Lime Ice TeaAED 25.00AED 25.00
Chamomile, Turmeric, HoneyAED 25.00AED 25.00